Monday, December 9, 2013

Vests, in Winter?

As I said in my last post I really love outerwear, but in particular I love vests. Now I am sure some of you are thinking but it's winter, how do you where things without sleeves? Well to be honest, I love wearing vests more in the cooler months cause it gives me a chance to experiment with layering and bundle up to be nice and cozy. 

 This is the vest that started it all. Over a year ago now, I lusted over this vest in a Zara until I finally got my hands on it and ever since, I have been hooked. It is such a versatile piece due to the structured nature and the simple design. I would highly recommend anyone to have a vest similar in their wardrobe because it goes with everything. 

 This is my most recent addition to my little collection and is slowly stealing the spot for best vest from my olive one. This LF piece is such a statement with all it's holes and daisies, which makes it just about scream 90s. And surprisingly, due to it's light color, it goes with everything. Anything paired with it just seems so laid back and casual.
The last piece is oddly my biggest fitting vest and the smallest sized vest. It says it is a size XS but I am telling you it fits like a XL, which makes me love it even more. I love everything baggy because it just reminds me of being cozy and being bundled up. This is the perfect denim vest for anyone who wants it a bit different than everyone else but still a denim vest.


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