Sunday, December 8, 2013

Holiday Tea

People tend to associate the holidays with warm drinks and personally, I drink a cup of tea every day when the weather is cool. I'm not much of the "adventurous tea drinking type" (I really did just classify a group of people according to their tea preferences, cool, I know) so I tend to stay with different flavors of green teas. Here are a few of my favorite teas that I have in my cupboard at the moment!

The first tea is a rose pearl loose green tea. I found this while I was tea-tasting out in San Francisco with my mom and I just really enjoyed the traditional, light taste of this tea. Since it is loose-leaf, I brew it in my Ikea tea pot (not really much of a pot I guess).
Next will be a peppermint tea from Trader Joe's! I tend to only drink this around the holidays because I have this sense of urgency to own everything Christmas-related. This one is much more cost-friendly too, Trader Joe's has a nice selection of tea for about $2 a box. Nonetheless, it's delicious with a teaspoon of honey!
The last tea I've listed is the Disney Wonderland tea. Yes, something bought from a theme park can actually taste good. Sam bought this for me about a year ago and I've almost used the whole box up! Each little triangle is a different flavor and in all honesty, I really enjoy the box too. My favorite of the bunch is the blueberry green tea; when I brew this tea, someone usually has to comment on how the room suddenly smells like a package of fruit snacks which always makes me laugh.
♥- Gaby

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