Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Gift Basket Goodies

In today's world, the newest craze is monthly subscription boxes because they offer many new surprises every month. The same joy that these boxes give can be made by giving gift baskets for the holidays. Gift baskets are fun to make and can be very cost effective if done right. I have made many gift baskets so I thought I'd tell you some things I like to put in mine. Sadly, I do not have pictures of my previous gift baskets.
For a girl:

Everyone thinks gift baskets have to be all food. This is because usually the ones we see are by the chocolate companies and Starbucks. I do like these baskets and will still add candy, hot chocolate, and cups to my baskets; however it is also fun to add other things to the baskets. Due to the fact it is winter, I like to add winter accessories like beanies, gloves, scarfs, and socks (especially fuzzy socks.) I like to add these because even if you don't know what the person likes, you know they will get used. For the beauty advocates, I also like to add new products for them to try like nail polish or eyeshadow. If the person is not into beauty, I think a book, cd or even an iPhone case would be great to add. For these I would suggest going to Amazon because you can find things the cheapest there. 

For a boy:

Personally, I find boys to be very hard to shop for. I think it has to do with the fact the boys in my life say they have everything and do not know what they want for the holidays. But there is a few things I have found that work in gift baskets. The best things to get boys are gadgets. They always want the newest things so I suggest a iPhone case, new earbuds, or any little gadget you can get your hands on. I would also suggest a graphic tee of either their favorite band, show, or movie because they will appreciate the thought you had to put into it. The next things are little gift cards for like Starbucks and other food places they like. Besides these things, the usual candy and cds will also be nice touches.

All of these things would also be great stocking stuffers. I hope this helps all you out there. If you like this kind of post, comment down below and I will do more gift guides.

♥- Sam

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