Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Decorate Your Room: Holiday Edition

Happy day 4 of Blogmas 2013! Christmas is my all-time favorite holiday and this year, I decided to get more into the holiday spirit by adding a few decorations to my room. I went for a more simple and cozy look instead of the whole "Santa barfed all over my room" look. I went on the search for Christmas decorations and after scavenging for a few hours, I found the motherload at... OSH! What a surprise to find such lovely decorations at the place my dad buys mulch at.

I already had fairy lights dangling on the walls in my room so I decided to change it up a bit by adding lighted garland on top of my room window! I then added a few holiday accessories to my room like the frosted-wooden star dangling on my chandelier, wood-painted snowman and jingle bell tree ornament. I love crafty-looking decorations because it just looks much cozier in your home, adding a rustic feel to any room. Along with all of my decorations, I decided to light my favorite candle! My banana nut bread candle by Tuscany Candle leaves my room smelling like baked goods (which are my favorite scents in the entire world).

So I hope I've inspired a few of you out there to decorate their rooms as well! I hope everyone is enjoying their first week of December as much as I am.

Plain fairy lights: Costco
Lighted Garland: Costco
Wood Snowman: OSH
Jingle Bell Ornament: OSH
Frosted-Wood Star: OSH
Candle: TJ MAXX

♥- Gaby

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