Wednesday, July 3, 2013

4th of July Outfits

Now with the 4th of July being tomorrow, I thought I might give you guys inspiration on how to go patriotic without looking like you are wearing a flag. I decided to show you guys two looks, I'd wear. All the pieces are from Topshop.

1. The School Girl

This outfit reminds me of a school uniform; probably because of the collared shirt and suspenders. Even with this said, it still looks cute and put together. I added little details like the ankle socks and the necklace, so it doesn't look like a uniform.

2. Bold and Geometric

This outfit is a bit more bold in how it says red, white and blue. The shirt puts all those colors straight out in the open. But with trendy pieces like the high waisted lace shorts and crop top, you just look put together instead of the girl who is full blown patriot.
Well, see you next time!

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