Monday, July 15, 2013

How to: Festival Looks with Sam and Gaby!

Since summer is here, we decided to pull together some festival inspired looks! The one thing the both of us love about summer is the abundance of concerts. From the loud and lively performances during the day to the laid-back and soothing sounds during the night, our summer has been filled with music. So here are 2 looks we've created!

Overall Dress: R K Evans
Shirt: Brandy and Melville
Shoes: H&M
Flower Crown: Venice Boardwalk
Besides the music and atmosphere at a concert, I love the array of fashion surrounding me. I feel like concerts bring out various groups of people with different senses of style that I'm able to pull inspiration from. Personally, I'm not one to wear bright clothing, but I was able to have some subtle color in this overall dress that I was so fortunate to find at Wasteland. I thought that adding a flower crown to the whole outfit gave it that extra "oomph". Also by adding some simple wedges, I tried to stray from looking like a 5-year-old flower girl. California has exploded with flower crowns and overalls at events like Coachella and I just love the retro, cute look.

Sweater: Urban Outfitters
Dress: Forever 21
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Going out, I've been called "grunge" by store employees. Living in 2013, people shouldn't have a label for their sense of style. I see that adding a darker element, such as dark lipstick or some boyish shoes, adds edge to an outfit. Vamping up your wardrobe is the new sophisticated modern look. Seeing pictures from the Met Gala and so on, 'punk' seems to have been renamed and updated to a chic trend. I love adding simple yet detailed pieces to my outfits because it dresses up any look. This sweater is perfect for summer because of how light and airy it is. So darken up some of your summer outfits and make a statement at whatever festival you're attending!

Love, Sam and Gaby.

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