Monday, June 24, 2013

New Summer Shorts!

If there was one item that you needed for summer it would be a pair of shorts. It's going to be hot and you need them to stay cool but also look cute. Here are some new ways to do shorts that isn't just the plain jean version. 
With a print like that, these shorts were made for summer! These shorts from Urban Outfitters have a version of a tropical print that is cute without going overboard on the tropical side. I think it is because the print is muted with a washed kind of feel. For an added plus, they are high waisted! Which means they'd look great with all those crop tops you have saved in your closet. 

Now people are going to have mixed feelings on these shorts. These are the flying Bart shorts from Romwe. I personally like them because they add a bit of humor to your outfit and add a bit of playfulness to your wardrobe. They also are a great conversation piece, due to this humor. 

These shorts might be my personal favorite. Of course, however, they are also the most expensive. These are from Urban Outfitters by the brand The Fates By Stolen Girlfriends. Their whole line for summer just screams effortless. Yet with their mix of expensive looking fabrics and sportswear, it is also comfortable and cute; as shown by the drawstring tie on these shorts. If these are too expensive for you I suggest a different statement print like polka dots that still are a statement but are cheaper.
Last but not least are these striped overalls from asos. Overalls have had a huge comeback this summer and seem to be everywhere. I like these in particular because of the looser paper bag fit and the stripes. I like that the stripes are vertical stripes because these are suppose to make you look taller. Unlike most stripes you see which are horizontal, which are suppose to make you look wider depending on the thickness of the stripe. 

See you next time!

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