Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Little Vest and A Little Dress

A few weeks ago, Gaby, my friend Emily and I went to an old ghost town named Bodie national park. I thought I'd show you guys what I would wear if I were to go to a touristy walking area.

For these kinds of areas, I like to be comfortable and cute. The little dress is Dolce Vita which I got on sale at Marshall's. With a pattern that is perfect for summer and a summer color to go with it, I couldn't help but make this dress a summer staple. It has a plus too; it is super lightweight and easy to breathe in. For a little more coverage, I also added my Zara vest to the ensemble. I thought that on it's own, the dress showed a bit too much skin. Now with the addition of the vest, it just looks like a put together outfit. To top the look off, I went with these comfortable walking shoes from TJMaxx. They are perfect for occasions like this one because they are very comfortable and last awhile walking. They are paired with a pair of frilly socks for an added touch of cuteness.

See you guys next time!

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