Friday, June 21, 2013

What Reminds Me of Summer: Beauty Edition

Happy first day of summer everyone! In celebration of a season full of the sun, beach and sunblock, I went on Pinterest in search for the most "summery" beauty and hair pictures. I apologize ahead of time for the lack of quality in some of these pictures due to enlarging them. Furthermore, here are some pictures that reminded me of that hot season!
 Orange Lips & Simple Make-Up
I think that the only season where coral or orange lips look beautiful in is summer. Coral reminds me of the beach and pretty mermaids, so why not add it into your make-up routine for the season? Simple make-up is also a necessity for spending your days in the bright sun and sandy beach. A touch of coral lipstick and peachy blush looks absolutely beautiful in the summer sun.
 Fruity & Bright Nails
I was scrolling through Pinterest and these watermelon nails were screaming summer through my computer screen (not literally). Fruity nails look fresh and cute for the summer and also bright colors, like neon, look great with a tan!
 Fishtail Braids
Any sort of braid in general really. Braids are a cute, easy way to leave hair down or up during the summer. I love messy, beachy braids! If you are in search for some braidspiration, look on Youtube for some great tutorials or websites like Lucky, Teen Vogue or Seventeen.
A simple yet bold way to style your hair! Over the years, I've become more and more obsessed with headwraps. I had bought my first one at Urban Outfitters and I continually saw them in other stores such as Brandy & Melville and H&M. A nice way to keep hair out of your face or a way to brighten up an outfit! The perfect retro-vintage piece to accessorize with any sort of outfit!

Dewy, Bronzed Skin
The perfect highlighter and bronzer are absolutely breathtaking for summer. Adding definition and light to your face makes it look amazing in the sun. Skin can be dried out and discolored after swimming or being out too much. There are many wonderful tutorials on Youtube on how to add definition to your face. Do keep in mind, don't go overboard. It is quite easy to take bronzing and highlighting to far; to the point that you look fake or belong to the cast of the Jersey Shore. Remember to have natural beauty as an inspiration! 

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