Friday, June 14, 2013

One Piece Bathing Suits!

Cute one piece bathing suits are incredibly hard to find. The idea to do a post on one pieces dawned on me when I was helping Gaby find one for summer camp. The search was nearly impossible. The one pieces you find are either two things usually: old lady like or skimpy. I personally usually only wear one piece bathing suits because I feel more comfortable in them. So I thought this post could benefit a lot of people. If your either like Gaby or like me.

This bathing suit is the cheapest of the bunch. It is from Forever 21. With the tropical photograph, this suit just screams summer. It is a nice change of one pieces with the open back. It shows that you can still show skin and still keep it a one piece with coverage.

This suit is on sale at Urban Outfitters at the moment and it screams a psychedelic vibe. I think it's the obvious tie dye. I also like the little black skulls that seem to hide in the print. In this suit I like the open back and v neck. *Tip* if you're bigger around the middle v necks usually work for you because it's a simple way to gain some body confidence.

This suit from asos is so sophisticated. The minimal approach to the suit is just lovely and allows you to see the clean lines of the suit. Color blocking is also a great eye illusion. The dark navy on the dress tricks the eye into thinking you are smaller than you are. And who wouldn't want to look thinner?

Asos again for the last suit. I like the muted color scheme in this suit. Even the yellow is a muted yellow. It also is showing skin just like one of the previous one pieces which I really like in a one piece. Coverage but you don't look like your a nun or an old lady. The pattern on this suit is very interesting. 

Overall, I would personally wear any of these one pieces. I hoped this helped and see you next time.

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