Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Topshop Looks!

Hello there Lacefigurettes! Sam and I have taken the liberty into creating some looks for you guys. A big spring trend right now is black&white. So here are some light and airy spring outfits:

Sam and I have had an obsession with overalls. The newest kind of overall is in dress-form; perfect for spring! I love adding denim to black and white clothing. Top it off with some cute and simple accessories and a pair of white leather boots.

This outfit is perfect for daytime activities. When I picture trendy ladies strolling around the Promenade, I imagine a simple fedora, sunnies, wedges, flowy pants and a statement necklace. Palazzo pants (also known as just wide-legged pants) are coming back in style; perfect timing for when the weather is warming up. I love adding a bright coral color to the black and white because it adds a splash of fun to any outfit. 

This would be a great nighttime outfit. Going to a cool café, listening to some music, watching a play, or whatever things people do at night. The white leather motto boots are so structured and cool. I bought a pair not too long ago from Urban Outfitters but they were too stiff so I had to return them. I love the electric blue top with all of the black and white clothes and accessories.
Thank you guys for constantly supporting Sam and I, we've almost reached 10,000 views in under a year! None of this would happen if it weren't for all of our viewers.

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