Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring Break Haul

Over Spring Break, I have done quite a bit of shopping and thought you guys might be interested in what I bought. I have gotten to a point where I either buy things I absolutely love or really need. I have realized, as I was going through my closet this spring, that I had a lot of clothing I wore about once or twice. I still thought the item was cute; I just would not wear it compared to other things that I LOVE.

 First I got this little WoodWick candle from TJMaxx. It is in the flavor Raspberry Mojito and was 10 dollars. If you guys did not know, I have a bit of an obsession with candles. It was to the point where last Christmas all my friends gave me some sort of candle. Anyways, back to this candle, the smell is very spring-like and I like WoodWick candles because the fire crackles as it burns. The next item is the dress under the candle. It is from target and I mainly bought it for the color. I really like olive and I think I could do a lot with this plain dress and use it loads. It was around 20 dollars.

These sunglasses are from Urban Outfitters for 16 dollars. I have been lately stocking up on sunglasses so I can throw them everywhere and have a pair when I need one. I also seem to like this shape of glasses. I have a similar pair only in black (but hey this shape does look good on my face). Under the sunglasses is a leather skirt from Zara. Now I am grateful that my mom really wanted me to have this skirt because I wouldn't have paid for it myself. It was 100 dollars. But I know I will use it tons and have it for awhile because leather skirts never go out of fashion. 

Besides candles, I seem to also have an obsession with shower gels. This is the Body Shop's Pink Grapefruit shower gel. I am a sucker for anything Grapefruit. It is my favorite fruit and I just love everything about it. So I couldn't leave it behind. I got it at TJMaxx for 6 dollars. Next to it is a pair of burgundy velvet skinny jeans by Joes. I got these for a steal at TJMaxx. I paid 12 dollars for these because they were on clearance. I love them. They are so comfy and feel so nice. I have no complaints. On top of the pants is one of my favorite pieces from this haul. It is a choker from Topshop with cascading chains. I plan to wear this with a v-neck top.

Thanks for reading and see you next time! 

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