Sunday, April 7, 2013

Gaby's March Favorites

I have put together my March favorites for you today! I've made some very lovely discoveries (some already previously mentioned) that I cannot live without. Enjoy!

This is Maybelline's Colorsensational lipstick in Plum Perfect. This color is so beautiful and I just carry this lipstick around with me everywhere I go. This plum-like color is nice to put on because when I'm in a lazier mood and my make-up is bland, I put this on and it looks like I've actually attempted to look nice for the day.

I've mentioned this wonderful gel-lotion before, but it works WONDERS. Garnier's Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel-Cream has become a nightly routine for me. I usually just wash my face (which ends up quite dry) and then I just apply a bit. I notice that my face is much brighter and less dry/patchy on areas of my face. This was about $6 at Target which is such a great price for a face product.
This is Sephora's Primal Instincts eyeshadow palette for $28. I find it hard to buy eyeshadow palettes because I usually don't like all of the colors but I just adore this one. It's great for casual daytime looks and fancy nighttime looks too. I almost purchased Urban Decay's Naked Palette but it is quite pricey ($50) and I found this one with the same color range and half the price. I have used this almost every single day and I still get excited to make new color-combinations still.

I've always seen commercials and ads about the Wen shampoos and conditioners and never really came along to trying it out. My mom gave this to me as a gift and I just can't stop smelling my hair. I love all things that remind me of winter (figs, vanilla, apple cinnamon and so on) and this sweet almond mint smell is so yummy. The conditioner itself is just alright but the smell is beyond amazing. I also love how there's a pump on top of the bottle because it makes using the product much simpler in the shower.

I have recently become addicted to all John Green books. The Fault in Our Stars was the first one I read and I am absolutely hooked. *spoiler alert* After following the life of a cancer patient, Hazel Grace, I've taken into perspective that I need to stop being such a couch potato and start going out more. For about a month, I would jump into bed every night, turn on my fairy lights and pandora then read for about half an hour or so. I would highly recommend other people to read this book. Keep in mind; the slower you read the book, the longer your fake relationship with a fictional character lasts.

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