Thursday, April 18, 2013

Caitlyn's Style Profile

Caitlyn Sheridan; Age: 15

Living in Los Angeles, there is such a huge range of different types of fashion and styles. Walking along the road, you may find such a diverse look among the people. California's casual yet edgy vibe allows people of all ages to dress the way they like. Caitlyn's style stands out among the crowd because of her vintage feel and use of bold prints. 

What would you describe your style as?
"I'm not sure how to describe my style but I would think of it as a mixture between modern and vintage. I really like to mix up a bunch of different colors and styles of clothing."

What is your fashion inspiration?
"I don't really have one main source of inspiration. I just mainly see high fashion and think it's cool. I read a lot of teen vogue and find inspiration throughout all of the pages. I mainly go out to public places like flea markets and see what everyone else is wearing."

Why do you like fashion?
"I like fashion because it's something that a lot of people can appreciate but not strive for. Fashion is just something easy for me to personally get into. I really enjoy receiving comments and it's become something that I'm known for."

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