Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring Shoes

I am happy to say that Spring is upon us. When I think of Spring I think of flowers, breezes and lightweight clothes. Today out of these lightweight clothes, I will focus on shoes. Of course in spring you can still wear boots and other more wintery shoes but in Spring, lightweight easy shoes shine. I thought I would show you some shoes I will be wearing during the Spring months.

The first type of shoes are Oxfords. These are lightweight shoes that are usually associated with business-like things. But these shoes are the more casual version and just scream to be paired with a spring dress. The pair on the right are the newest addition to my closet. They are from TJMaxx for 20 dollars! I got them about a two weeks ago, so they could still be there. Anyway, I love the cutout look and the little touch of embroidery on the front. They are so cute and were perfect to replace the pair next to it. Now as I was saying, I did buy the cutout oxfords to replace the grey ones but truth is, I love my original oxfords. They are so worn in and comfortable. They are getting a bit destroyed but aren't that bad yet. They are originally from Urban Outfitters, which is the place I would recommend for oxfords. 

 The other pair of Spring shoes are flats! I have way too many pairs of flats so I actually found picking just two pairs for Spring difficult. I believe flats are very versatile and can be both dressed up and down. The pair on the right are my Cole Haan flats (aka the only thing designer I own). These are super comfortable and somehow go with everything. The bows on them make them positively adorable and they are just perfect for Spring. The other pair are a peach pair of flats from Banana Republic. They have cute flowers on them and act as neutrals. 

There are other shoes that go with Spring for example sandals, heels or boots but all of these I don't really have anything to show the Lacefigurettes. 
See you next time!

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