Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Zara Overalls

This Spring Gaby and I have noticed Overalls are making a comeback. It's not the usual overalls too, it's any type of overall you can think of. Pants. Shorts. Dresses. One store that Gaby and I love, Zara, has featured many overalls this month, so we thought we'd show you.
These are all from the Zara's Woman line not TRF. They have others but these were my favorite because of the wearability and simplicity. The first, from right to left, are overall pants. They are very tailored and will go with pretty much everything. The next are another pair of trousers. These are the more casual pair. But again the cut is very nice and should flatter a lot of body types. The last is more of a dress version. It is the most girly and just like the other two can be worn with almost everything. 
Until next time Lacefigurettes!

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