Friday, March 8, 2013

Additions to our Wardrobe

I thought it would be nice to show our friend Emily and what she has recently got also. She made this whole outfit out of new clothes except her boots. This look started when she found this black skirt from Wasteland. Originally, she did not think it would work but as soon as she tried it on, we all fell in love with it. The only problem was that Emily did not know what to wear with the new skirt. After Wasteland, we ended up going to the new Topshop. This is where Emily found her new top. She went into Topshop looking for anything cropped. She found this cute little cropped polka dot shirt. While we were in Topshop though, we all realized Topshop's sizes were a bit off. Emily who is usually a size 2 had to get a size 6 because it was so tight.

From this outfit, the only new items to my wardrobe are my skirt and tee. My skirt I bought from Topshop and I am so happy with it. I have been wanting more graphic tees lately because they are so versatile. They are so comfy and add a bit of edge to your outfit. I have been eyeing this tee in particular because of the simplicity of the word "Sick" across the front. The only problem I have encountered is that the tee has to be ironed because it is a thicker material. I paired this tee with a polka dot shirt I got from Urban Outfitters. My mom and I have a personal obsession with polka dots. I don't know why but as soon as I saw this, I needed it. And it is great.

See you next time! 

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