Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Typical School Day

Gaby and I thought it would be interesting to show our readers what we would normally wear on a school day. So on a random day we decided to take pictures of our outfits. The temperature on this day was almost 70. Without further adieu, here is what we would normally wear.

 On a regular day both Gaby and I are wearing skirts. Both of us prefer the look and feel of skirts. With that being said, this is one of the days I decided to wear pants. Out of Gaby and I, I wear pants more. This day I opted for a pair of yellow pants that I thrifted. I picked these because I wanted a pop of color against the cream top. The top is from Zara, which I luckily got on sale. I finished the outfit off with my usual watch from Urban Outfitters and a pair of peach flats from Banana Republic. Of course because I am at school my backpack is also included.

Being usual Gaby, she did wear a skirt. Her skirt is thrifted from the cutest little store in Oregon. Her sweater is also thrifted. Using thrifted items in your wardrobe can help your clothes have a unique quality and it is also cheaper. Thrift Stores can be really hit or miss so, do not give up after one try. Gaby finished the outfit with a pair of high socks from American Apparel and shoes from Chinese Laundry. She was going for more of a fall colored look which is unexpected to most people because of the use of color. People should not be afraid of color and just have fun with their clothes. Clothes are a way to express yourself in a different outlet. Dressing in a casual, cute manor is great for school and does not take much effort. It is all about messing around in your closet and figuring out what works with which pieces.

Until next time!

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