Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Oxblood Lace, Black Velvet and Statement Necklace

     Hello there lacefiguerettes! Yes, I have now decided to name Sam and I's audience. I have been completely adoring the outfit I wore a couple weeks ago and I thought that you would enjoy it too.

     I recently bought the top and necklace at the brand new TopShop at The Grove. Top Shop carries so many beautiful, trendy pieces and I just couldn't resist buying something. (I had previously received a complimentary $20 'mystery' gift card from the TopShop van, motivating me to drag my booty over to The Grove and giving the store a look). The velvet trousers are also a new edition into my closet. The story behind these trousers is quite funny actually. One Sunday morning, I decided to wake up early and go to Wasteland on Ventura Blvd. When I entered the store, I gazed upon the prettiest girl with the most gorgeous outfit; my mother even called her "trendy". Wispy front bangs, a silver top and velvet trousers. This complete stranger gave me the inspiration to cut my bangs and buy a pair of pants; which I had luckily been able to thrift for $28 at Wasteland. I would like to call my encounter with these pants destiny after swooning over the random employee.

     With all of my luck within fashion, I decided to throw together my new favorite outfit. Brand new, comfortable, affordable and trendy, yet classic. Oxblood has been a style-favorite this past year. Mixed with lace, the TopShop croptop is absolutely beautiful and clings onto the body in the most perfect way possible. Velvet has also been a style-favorite this past year. Emerging velvet skirts in black, classic burgundy, royal green and other hues have been dejavu to the fashion world. Along with this vintage, trendy outfit, I added a bright clutch from Banana Republic and a bib necklace.

    Top: TopShop
Pants: Wasteland
Clutch: Banana Republic
Sunglasses: Zara
Necklace: Top Shop
Sandals: Tory Burch

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