Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Man Repeller Glossy Box!

So last month, I was pleasantly surprised to receive the special edition Man Repeller Glossybox! The wrapping was beautiful; an edgy chic, which strayed away from the typical pink box. I was so delighted to see a blogger whom I admire to be featured in such a popular product. Extremely excited to just tear into the package and see what goodies are in store!

I have never heard of this product and would love to try it out. Personally, I have had a bad history with face lotions and serums. They've never quite worked or the product would completely disappoint me.

The Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme mascara is something I have previously used before and I really enjoy it. Estee Lauder carries some of my favorite mascara products, including the Double Wear mascara. The Narciso Rodriguez perfume smelled delicious. Not too strong, but still sweet. I will definitely throw this in one of my purses. I have heard so much raving over Fresh products. One of their stores have just opened at The Grove and I would love to try out this product!

This Tarte cheek stain is so adorable! I love the little decorated compact it came in and the color is perfect for everyday use. I personally am in favor of powder blushes but this product would be great to throw into an overnight bag.

I tried out both of these products instantly and was sadly disappointed. The hair serum didn't quite work into any sort of hair routine. It just wasn't quite special in any way which was strange because I have an obsession with hair-care products. OPI has always been a favorite nail polish brand for me but I just didn't enjoy the color. I'm more of a simple-matte-loving girl, the sandy texture may work for some of you though!

When I first saw the Glossybox, I was filled with joy. To have a blogger come so far into the fashion and beauty world was such a big dream booster for myself. Big props to Leandra for living her dream and her very beautiful blog.

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