Monday, January 21, 2013

Dark Lipstick Love

Hey there guys! Sorry for the lack of posts but we'll have tons of new things for you to kick of the new year! Here are a few of Gaby's favorite dark lipsticks:
Elf- Cheerful Cherry
This lipstick is more of a brick red, meaning that it has some brown in it instead of purple. I really enjoy this lipstick because of the color. I love the look of red lipstick, but sometimes it just seems much too bright for me to wear on a daily basis. This is a mineral lipstick and goes on so creamy and smooth.
Sephora- Aubergine
This is more of a fuschia or a very dark magenta. This lipstick has become one of my favorites because of how pigmented it is, meaning that I don't have to continuosly pile on layers and layers of lipstick throughout my day.

Revlon- Va Va Violet
The color of this lipstick is just absolutely gorgeous. It's tough to find such a deep, dark purple in most lipstick brands. This is just a drug-store product but works really well. I first went on the search for a dark purple lipstick after seeing Free People's Winter 2012 catalog, where every single model had such a beautiful, deep lip color. The only problem I would have to say with this lipstick is that it's kind of sheer. My lips are on the bigger side and the color doesn't even out so I usually mix it with my Sephora lipstick that's very pigmented.

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