Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cute and easy up-dos

The Bun: One of the easiest up-dos. All you do is throw all of your hair up and twist into a ball then tie it! And depending how you did it, it could look like you actually tried to do your hair that morning even if you were running out the door. 

The Ponytail:The ponytail is the easiest hairdo. To make a ponytail look more polished try to hide the rubber band with a braid or a piece of hair. Ponytails look great with long earrings and change up your hair.

The Milkmaid Braids: My personal favorite. At one point it was a reason for me to grow out my hair because to do this you need long hair. All it is is two braids that you cross over your head and pin down. BUT I did find a way to do this kind of with short hair and that is to french braid both sides of your head and pin them in the back.

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