Saturday, December 29, 2012

Gaby's Christmas Gifts!

So these are the gifts that I received from my family (pretty much 3 people in my household). This has to be one of the best Christmas' I've had in my life; not just because of the gifts. Every year seems to be ruined with an unexpected guest. It's harder to spend the holiday with people you aren't acquainted to because you have to try to include those guests in everything you typically do. Here are all of the gifts that I opened on Christmas morning!
Romwe Cat Dress c: The top of the dress and back of the dress is sheer. I can't wait to go somewhere fancy and wear this out!
My mom got me these beige flats with bows and a crystal skull pin. They're ballerina flats, which means that they're super comfortable because the back is stretchy.
 These are the TUK Mondo Creepers I've wanted for so long! These shoes are so unique looking and I love the height of these shoes. It makes me 2 inches taller without the trouble of a heel.
 Taylor Swift's Wonderstuck perfume is by far my favorite scent. So I figured, why not try the new Enchanted Wonderstruck? The bottle is such a pretty design, I love the little charms on the cap. I received the whole gift set which includes the full size perfume, lotion and body wash. The scent is really pretty, with hints of floral and vanilla.

This was one of my favorite presents! I got a 3 month subscription to Glossy Box. I've always wanted to subscribe, but I've always been too lazy to. This month's box included a sample of the Pleats Please perfume (which is one of the highest rated perfumes of 2012), a sparkly bottle of ZOYA nail polish, WELLA's velvet amplifier for hair, Mark lipstick (which came in a very pretty matte dark berry color), white tea epsom bath salts and CR colume extend mousse. The box also included a special holiday gift, a pair of cute earrings. I really like the Glossy Box because it gives people the opportunity to try new products at a low price.
These ankle boots were from Zara. I'm really fond with ankle boots because they look great with pretty much any outfit. You could dress them up with a fancy lace dress or even just tuck in a pair of skinny jeans. These boots are extremely comfortable and I really like the color because most of my ankle boots are either brown, black or white.
 WEEEHEEE. My mother got me these Chanel flats and I am dying right now. (no, the little black mark on the front is not permanent, it's on the cover). I am beginning to add onto my designer collection now and who could ever hate Chanel?
 These two tops are from Urban Outfitters. The one on the left is a coral-colored long sleeve crochet top. The one on the right is a no-sleeve, button-down.

I also opened a stocking on Christmas Eve and opened gifts from friends about 2 weeks before Christmas. To read more about my Christmas go to my blog: Gaby's Blog

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