Sunday, December 30, 2012

Naked Palette Review

 This is the Naked Palette. It came with a brush and a little container of their Primer Potion. The brush isn't that great, I prefer the ones I have already but the primer on the other hand is really nice. I think it is tied with the Elf one. The only difference with this one is it blends really nicely into the skin unlike the Elf one which at times doesn't blend in all the way. 
This is the inside of the palette. All the colors in it are gorgeous. They are also very nicely pigmented which I like. Nothing makes me more mad then eyeshadows that look nice in the pan and then you can't see them when you put them on. I really like all of the colors and I don't dislike any of them. The only color I don't see me using too much is Creep. It is the black color. I really like the color cause it's a sparkly black but black on my eyelids make me look like a zombie. I only see me using it as eyeliner but I don't do that often. I think it's worth the money and I am so happy I have it now.

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