Thursday, December 27, 2012

What Sam Got for Christmas

This is what I got for Christmas. I wanted to share this with you guys and share Christmas with you since it's my favorite holiday.
 I got Almost Famous, Sixteen Candles and the soundtracks to Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging (favorite movie) and 500 Days of Summer. So far I am really happy with what I have watched and listened to from these. 
 Two pairs of socks which I love because they are over the knee and I love Navy. And then I got an iPhone! Which is amazing because my phone was falling apart and now I have joined the world. This also means we will have an instagram soon.
 I got two sweaters. The back one is beige with a low turtleneck neckline and woven into it is some multi-colored threads which you can't see very well. The second one is a comfy lightweight sweater that is very easy to just throw on and go.
 Then I got a comfy sweatshirt which I will probably just sleep in because it's so soft. Also I got this beaded cutout shirt which is really pretty and I think I'll wear it tucked into a skirt with some tights.
 I finally got a backpack to replace my broken one! Now I don't have to go around with a multi-colored Jansport. I love this one because it's so big and has so many pockets. The material feels really good and actually tricked my cousin into thinking it was leather! I also got the Naked palette! I'll do a separate review on this, but I'll say now that it didn't disappoint!
These are my favorites for the day. The first is these Zara flats which are very comfortable and easy to walk in. They do run big because I am usually a 8 1/2 but with these an 8 fits me perfectly. I like these because they can be dressed down and dressed up. The other shoes is the Unif Hellraisers! I am so excited about these and again I'll do a separate review for them and explain why I love them.

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