Tuesday, October 30, 2012

OOTD: 10-26-12

My outfit of the day for school:
Top: Zara (35)
Skirt- American Apparel Corduroy Circle Skirt (45)
Socks- H&M
Shoes- Chinese Laundry (60)
Cross Bracelet- Brandy and Melville (5)

This was kind of a cutesy-Friday look. The only bad thing about the skirt was that it was so windy out that it started to blow up :c But this has been one of my better outfits I have worn to school. The skirt was originally $45 but I went to the American Apparel outlet and got it for $28 ^.^ The shirt was a gift from Sam, but I chose it and forced her to buy it for me.. But the best gifts are the ones that you choose!

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