Sunday, October 28, 2012

My Favorite Boots

Because it is now getting cooler, boots and closed foot shoes are all I am wearing. So no more flats for me. But anyway, because of this fact I thought I'd show you the three pairs of boots I wear constantly. I do have other boots but don't really wear them. So without farther adieu...

These are my Doc Martens. They are just the standard plain black pair. I love them to death and actually got these for only 5 dollars at a CBS sale. I usually wear these with anything but pants. That's because they are so tight on my ankles you can't really tuck pants into them. But that's okay cause I love their look.

These are my knee high brown boots. These are probably my least worn out of the three because I am short and sometimes they make me look really short. But I would suggest everyone to get a pair because they are timeless and classic. And worn the right way they look really cute. Oh and these are from TJMaxx for $40.

These are just the plain lace up boots that I wear when black is too harsh of a color for an outfit. If you haven't noticed, I like plain boots. That's because you can wear them with everything. This pair was a Christmas gift from last year. And surprisingly they don't look destroyed. Which is a first for me.

Anyway, until next time!

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