Sunday, September 9, 2012

For Special Occasions

Here is a good idea on what to do when you have somewhere fancy or just nice to go to :3
Vintage waves are endless and always look so beautiful if you pair it well. I haveen't tried this one yet but I probably will for any upcoming dances c:
A beautiful deep, dark red looks so classy with the matching hair! For the perfect lip look:
1. Use a lip concealer
2. Dab lipstick in all places around lips (this shows less chapping)
3. Rub it all around and (optional) put some chapstick or lipgloss on top to keep moisture.
1. Use lip concealer
2. Rub lip stain all over lips
3. Put chapstick over
If you're doing a dark lip, you shouldn't do a dark eye also because then the look will start to become much overdone. Here is a light but beautiful make-up tutorial.
1. Start with a translucent eyeshadow such as a pearly white and put all over top lid.
2. Use a light brown and use it to highlight above the lid and on the last third of your eyelid.
3. Define the last third of your eyelid again with a darker brown.
4. Do a winged look with either gel or liquid eyeliner (they stay much better)
5. Use the dark brown eyeshadow and follow bottom crease.
6. Finish off with a volumizing mascara
I will definitely be trying this look soon. I would also pair this with a simple cream-colored dress or anything with lace. This would look much better with lighter-toned clothing because the lips and hair are so bold.

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