Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cute Hairstyles

Here are some cute hairstyles you could try if you want short, long, colored or any type of hair :3
You could try an ombred look, where the hair gets lighter as it goes down. It is preferred if you don't do this by yourself because I have seen this look go wrong where it looks like half of the hair is black and the other half is blonde.
When I ombred my hair, I used very light blonde hair dye. I would cover the bottom half of my hair first and leave it for 15 mins. I would rinse, blow dry it and then do half of the dyed hair and put more blonde into it. Repeat and then dip the tips one more time.
Another hairstyle that looks fresh is getting bangs. This look is called "blunt bangs". You could go to any hairstylist and show them a picture of the hair that you would like.
Short hair. I'm starting to think that long hair is way over-done. Most people's long hair is so damaged and it just looks so plain now. Please cut your hair if it looks damaged. Short hair gives your cheek bones and facial structure more definition. This is a much more sophisticated look.
The new bob haircut. This look is so cute, sleek and much better than long hair. It's much easier to manage. It has a much more urban and sophisticated look to it. Miley Cyrus' bob haircut is one of my favorites that I have seen by far.

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