Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cute Braids

Here are some great variations of simple braids you can try c:

This is just a french braid but loose and along-side of the head. This is great for short hair because there isn't much to work with, but this adds more hair to braid!

This is a more unique look. You can either dye small strands in your hair or they also have hair chalk. They sell hair chalk (which only adds temporary color). Then just braid it however you like!

For rainy days if you have bangs, this is a great way to have cute hair and not have it ruined by the rain. This is just a simple french braid starting from the bangs and on.

Here is another type of simple braid that is very common now :3 This is the fishtail braid and you can easily google how to do it or even see a youtube tutorial!

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