Friday, August 2, 2013

The Body Shop Haul and Reviews!

Recently, I walked into the Body Shop in search of foundation (since I am a foundation virgin). One of the workers ended up giving my face an entire make-over. What started as a quick walk-in turned into an exploration of skin care and beauty products. I had never seen my face more flawless. The most astonishing part: I only spent $30 for all of these products!

The Body Shop had a huge "buy 2 get 2" sale on top of their Groupon offer of "spend $10 get $20". Here are the products that I bought and fell in love with.
Tea Tree Pore Minimizer
After I apply my face lotion, I apply this pore minimizer to my skin. The wonderful thing about tea tree is that it treats acne without drying out your skin. Even though I began to wear more products, I found my skin looking better than ever. On good days, all I wear on my skin is my Estee Lauder Clear Difference lotion and this pore minimizer.
Extra Virgin Minerals Powder
I've never found myself drawn to using foundation before due to the simple fact that I did not know how to apply it. BUT since it was summer and my skin was suffering from oil and acne, I couldn't leave it be. One of the workers at the Body Shop gave me great advice about treating skin and the problem with liquid foundation. Since I am only 17, I decided to go with a lighter and non-pore-clogging formula. I'm currently using the color 208 Golden Vanilla.
 Vitamin C Energizing Face Spritz
The only problem I've encountered with powder is that it looks like powder sitting on your skin. Mineral powders are much healthier to use but people tend to want a fresh and dewy complexion rather than a dull and cakey one. This vitamin C spray instantly brightens up a dull face. To create a beautiful summer glow look on your face: brush on a thin layer of powder on your face, then spritz on a bit of the vitamin c spray, and finally, blend in some extra powder to avoid a greasy look. The only problem I've found with this product is that with overuse, it leaves skin looking oily instead of dewy.

Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion
After choosing all of my 'day products', I decided that I should try to treat my skin during the night. I asked what would be the best night lotion for "my oily, yet dry, skin that has acne since I have bangs" and this is the product I was given. Every morning after I use this product, I have noticed a major change in my skin in the best way possible. The bits of acne I had were gone and my skin looks much better without make-up at all.

Absinthe Purifying Hand Cream
On top of all the goodies I bought, I received a free gift since it was my birthday month! I chose this hand cream because I absolutely love the smell of absinthe. I strangely needed hand cream because my hands tend to get very dry but then sweaty if I use an oily lotion. This lotion just completely sunk into my skin and left the most lovely smell behind.
Overall, I love all of my products so much and I haven't had any complications with any of them. If this review helped you, comment and tell me! -Gaby
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