Friday, May 10, 2013

Bohemian Spring Looks

Hello there Lacefigurettes! A major fashion trend that's been showing up a lot this year is the Bohemian look. Events like Coachella bring out a festive side in people and the Bohemian look is very popular during the spring/summer time. The following pieces are some examples of boho pieces from Topshop and I will further mention more stores you can purchase things like these from!

These are two different bohemian outfits. One is a straight-out bohemian outfit whereas the other is something that you can build up on with different pieces and accessories.
On the left: I would consider this a very bohemian outfit. The patterns and textures in it scream out casual and boho. Bohemian clothing seems very 'hippie-dippy' and natural looking. The flowing pants are comfy and cute at the same time.
On the right: The right isn't very bohemian, but with the right accessories, it can be! People think that you have to buy ridiculous clothes that you'll only wear once a year for a special event. In this case, you can reuse both these pieces for any normal day! To make this look more boho-chic, add some round sunnies and a sheer kimono. 

These are some great accessories to add onto your outfit. You could wear anything plain or even a more festive outfit to make it look more eccentric. 
Floral headbands have been very popular at events like Coachella. Cult Gaia has a great selection of crowns, but they're very pricey. Kimonos are being sold at tons of different places now like Urban Outfitters and Topshop, they're great for when you want to transform a plain outfit!

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