Monday, December 10, 2012

Sam's Favorite Winter Nail Polish

These are my favorite colors for the winter. The first is OPI's Jade and it's a very dark green. It's really pretty and very festive. The second is OPI's White snow. It's just a normal white but I like wearing white in the winter because your skin is lighter and makes it look pretty. It also reminds me of snow and Christmas time. The third is China Glaze's Red Velvet. This is like an Oxblood color which is really pretty and very popular right now. It also reminds me of Christmas and actually was part of a Christmas  collection they had. The next is ELF's Nude. It is my favorite nude because it only needs like one to two coats of nail polish. It's very quick and easy and still looks like you tried. The last two are just regular sparkle polish. The first is just Forever 21's version which I like because it's less sparkly and is good for a topcoat. The next is Urban Outfitters's glitter polish which covers more equally. 

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