Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sam's Back to School Want list.

Going back to school can be good and bad, to me the best part is the shopping for school. These are the things personally I would want for back to school.
1. A new school bag !
Even though I love my current bag, I do like changing my bags out alot, so this year I'd want a messenger bag that is cute <3
I love the brown or even yellow one of this and would love it, but it is $64 from K-Styleme. It does come with a strap. But I am not willing to spend that much at the moment.
2. Super cute school supplies !
Cute school supplies just make you feel cute !
Animal Pencil Case ($15) from here. (I want the cat one)
Also try just going to a local asian store because they always have super cute stuff and it's probably cheaper.
3. A new coat
Now personally a new coat means, I want a trench coat because they are timeless and I suggest buying a coat now because during fall/winter you are going to need it and you never know when the weather might turn ! 
4. New skirts
Now this is just what I personally need because all my skirts shrunk. But it is always a good thing to pick up basics that you need and will wear a lot.
Corduroy Circle Skirt (here)
I like all of the colors for this one.
5. New Shoes
It's always good to get a new pair of shoes before school because you know that you will wear them. I would suggest a pair of flats or boots because they are easy to walk in for getting to classes. I would also suggest investing in a pair you will know will last, especially if your like me and for some reason always destroys your stuff...
Dr. Martens Mary ($90) from Amazon

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