Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cute Things for Back-to-School!

Here are a list of cute things for going back to school from very affordable to splurging prices :3

Sketching Stories Dress from Modcloth

This dress is super cute but also not too over-dressed. It has that perfect summer breeze look and would be cute for a first day of school look to set you off for the rest of your year! It is a bit pricey, but things such as a nice 'anywhere dress' are things you should invest on.

Embrace the last days of summer and the first day of school with a cute dress! The material is light-weight and airy so you can enjoy beat the heat.

Cute Everyday Flats:

These flats are cute and could match from dresses to even just plain jeans. A color like dark blue can match with many outfits with varying colors.

I own these flats and love them so much <3 I bought them on sale for $19 USD and wear them quite often. It's very comfortable because the back of the shoe is soft so it doesn't hurt your heel. You can tie the ankle strap in cute different ways such as criss-crossing or just regular.


Most girls use tote-bags and purses now for school, which don't seem as useful. For the first year and a half of highschool, I did too. But I found myself with an aching shoulder and everything unorganized. This backpack is stylish and useful at the same time and I also love the color of it :3


A good backpack can be worth a lot, but places such as Forever 21 have cute, affordable items that you may need. This backpack is less than $20 USD and looks very cute. The only problem would be that it's white, meaning you would need to take tons of care of this!

That's it for now for back-to-school ideas :3
I will soon post about my own things such as my first day outfit and such!

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