Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cute Short Hair Ideas

Since I have short hair, doesn't mean it has to be down all the time ! I love messing with my hair by putting it up. So here are some updos I do or would like to do :)

I personally love this updo. I do it all the time since I found this video. It is really cute and VERY easy. The only problem is that it falls out pretty easy on my hair. I have only had it actually stay in once. Still love it.

I LOVE THIS. I wish I could do it but sadly I have a big head and I haven't been able to find a headband that will stay on were it's suppose too. So maybe if I find one that fits, I'll do it ?

Hair accessories is also a good thing for anyone to put in their hair. I love using turbans in different ways to put my hair in some new way.

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