Sunday, August 26, 2012

Best Day ever + OOTN

So yesterday was one of mine and Gaby's best days ever. It started out with a HUGE Brandy Melville sale with Kate, Alyssa, and Romina. Which was almost cancelled thanks to this chick.
Most hated policewoman ever ^^
But it ended out okay, because then they decided to let whoever was in line in and everything was a dollar. Craziness. So expect a haul from that day later in the week. 
After Gaby, Alyssa, and I, went to a play called Dead Enders. And met Beau Mirchoff and it was great. This was our outfits of the night:
Top: Brandy and Melville
Skirt and belt: Zara

Dress: Zara

Top: Anthropologie (Gaby's mom)
Pants: Zara
Overall it was a great day and stay tuned for the hauls and other things :D 


  1. Im going to dead enders tmrw and im so excited!!! I really want a good seat! What time did u get there and did u get good seats? Pls let me know asap :) and btw u all looked great

    1. We got there around 6:50 (over an hour before the play) and we were the first ones there! The place only seats about 50 people but be there early so you can have the front row, which touches the stage! Thank you so much, and we will also be going to the Saturday show x