Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Little Haul

 I thought today I would show you guys a little haul of things I have gotten from Urban Outfitters lately. I am really happy with most of these items and thought you should know about them. 

The first is this cute little backpack. It is smaller than my last one but it is perfect size for school. It fits everything I need and is a lot lighter than my last one. I really like it and it seems like it is good quality. My favorite part about it is the little mirror parts which actually aren't mirrors! You can't see yourself in them but they give the bag a nice touch.

 The next two is this beautiful skirt from Motel and a pair of sheer socks. The skirt is this beautiful circle skirt with an ocean scene on it. I feel like it would look nice on anyone. The skirt is sadly now sold out now at Urban Outfitters. The socks were the only disappointment in this haul. I love the look of really sheer tights so I thought this socks would be like the tights. I was SO wrong. These socks made me look like I worked on the side of the street at night if you get what I am saying. It's all I think because of the length of the socks and the lace at the top. It also has a weird way of staying up. It has a sticky band.
That's it for my haul, see you next time!

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