Friday, January 4, 2013

Sam's Shower Stuff

These are the products I like to use in the shower. And I thought maybe you'd like to know because maybe some of these will work for you too.
 These are the three soaps I switch out between. The first is the Body Shop's Strawberry smelling soap. I also like the orange one. The middle one is the only shower gel I own because I just got into them. I got it from TJMaxx and I really like it because it smells like raspberries and citrus. The third one is this Spiced Apple Soap. It is also from TJMaxx and it smells like baked apples with a bit of cinnamon. It reminds me of the holidays so much and makes it feel like Christmas everyday. To me the big thing with soaps is smell if you didn't notice :)
 These are the three scrubs I use. The first is this peach scrub by a brand called Loofah. I really like it for my hands and feet because it's a harsher scrub to get rid of dry skin and really smoothes out rough areas. The next one is the SHE mango orange scrub which I think I did a review on so all I'll say is that it is good for arms and legs because it makes them very smooth. The third is my face scrub with I like because it is gentle but gets the job done!
For my hair I either use the Matrix Volume shampoo and conditioner or the Classic Clean head and shoulders with the herbal essences Hello Hydration. The Matrix shampoo was great in the beginning but lately I think my hair is getting used to it and it's not working as well as before. But it's still a good shampoo and conditioner. The others were my usual shampoo and conditioner until it completely stopped working on my hair. Lately though I have been going back to it and fell back in love. It makes my hair feel so clean and soft. I love it.

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