Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dry Winter Skin?

Hey guys! You have to love the cold and holiday season right? But one major problem: dry skin. Here are some tips to soft and moisturized skin that I use!
1. Lotion up before you sleep.
Try avoiding perfumed lotions, they have more harsh ingredients that dry up your skin! I recommend using something not too oily like Aveeno or Lubriderm. These are just typical grocery-store lotions but work very well.
2. Exfoliate.
Your skin needs a little help removing all of the dead particles and it also helps get rid of pimples! For your face, I suggest using:
-Ocean Salt from LUSH
-Ordinary kitchen sugar, just wet your face and rub! (you may also add some lemon juice for brightening)
-Face Wash with beads (I use Biore's green tea face wash)
You should exfoliate your face twice a week in your nightly routine, it gives skin a healthy glow and removes dirt, avoiding pimples!
For your body I suggest using:
-Rub, Rub, Rub from LUSH (I own this!)
-Bath & Body Works body scrubs
-The Body Shop's body scrubs
Also avoid taking long, hot showers. They deprive the skin of essential moisture and oils.
3. Use a Face Mask.
For a cheap, easy face mask, I did a little avocado and honey mask. Avocado is rich in fatty oils which soften and brighten up your skin. Honey is also great for brightening up your skin! I do this about once a week for a cheap alternative to buying masks:
 Yeah, the avocado looks gross, but you may want to pick something on the riper side just so it's not so lumpy!
 The face mask should look something like this, green mush. Not so flattering but the results are so great!

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