Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Homecoming Edition

Here are some dresses that I would probably wear if I were going to Homecoming (which sadly, I am not). These are all from Modcloth :3

These all range from $50-$100
I usually tend to go for a more vintage look when I go dress shopping. My next post I do will probably be a collection of my own special-occassion dresses straight out of the closet!
If you would like to see some of my personal posts you can go HERE
Looking for more dresses? I like to shop at:
Zara (preferrably TRF)
Pixie Market
Bloomsbury (special boutique in Santa Monica)
You can usually just type one of these stores into your Google search engine and the website will probably come up~ H&M does not do online orders. Bloomsbury has only few locations and I am not sure if Kaitlyn has an actual website.

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