Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween at Lush!

One of our favorite bath stores, Lush, is having limited edition Halloween items! Here are the items that I would like to try:
If you don't already know, I have an obsession with the smell of pumpkin spice during the holidays. Nothing feels better than getting warm and smelling yummy. This one is a bath bomb, which sounds perfect for a hot bath full of spice c:

This is the Calacas shower jelly! I already own the Whoosh shower jelly and I adore it so much. I usually put a bit on one of those shower scrubbies. They're so fun and you can also freeze them and use it on a hot day.
One of my first purchases at Lush was a bath bomb, I mean isn't that what they're famous for? The Enchanter smells like citrus, which reminds me of the Dragon's Egg (my favorite bath bomb by far!). The bath turns all pretty and pink, which is the perfect way for a relaxing girl's day.

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