Friday, October 19, 2012

Amazing Hair

The new fishtail braid:
This is pretty much a clash of 3 fishtail braids braided into one braid. Great for a special occasions because it looks fancier and polished.

The RIGHT ombre:
The ombre look has become so popular now, but most of the hair that I have seen don't look right. This look fades into a lighter color instead of having two separate colors stacked on top of each other. Done right, the ombre look is very pretty.

For a more sophisticated hair-do:
French braid your hair starting from one ear to the other! It looks much better when done very low. Then you could either get tons of fake-flower hairclips and align them or even make your own! You could do this with some simple elastic and fake flowers. Craft stores tend to carry fake flowers, so you can choose your favorite!

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