Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Taylor Swift's Hair

Here are some of Taylor Swift's cute hairstyles that she does:
 Here's just a classic, low-bun that she did c: This is really simple and easy to do because all you do is bunch all your hair together on the bottom of your head and start twisting it inwards (towards the head/neck).
Here's another version of her bun but with sleek, straight hair c: She has bangs here and does exactly the same style as the bun before where you bunch it up and twist inwards.

This bun has curled bangs! You can curl your bangs inward (toward the head) and just mix it with your other hair, it looks very sophisticated but very simple to do!

Here is the first time that Taylor sported her straight hair! She got a brazilian blow out and then layers towards the face.

Here is another image of her with straight hair, but without bangs :3 If you have very frizzy hair, I recommend you use an argan oil based 'sleek and shine' spray. Garnier Fructis has one that you can buy at any grocery store or drug store.

Here is Taylor's classic, natural curls. To get this hair, you could probably use a small, ringlet curler and curl. Then for a softer look, just comb it out a bit!

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